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drive shaft replacementDrive shaft replacement is not something everyone can do. So, being the specialist skill that it is, come and see us at LG Engineering.

If you’d like to know what we do, here’s a quick overview of the steps taken in a drive shaft replacement in a car.

First step is to, for the time being, remove all of the exhaust system, except the muffler, from where it is attached to the rest of the car.

Next is a fairly obvious step, and that is removing the old driveshaft. We do this carefully so nothing in the transmission is damaged. The old part will be unbolted, and then lowered out keeping a downward angle at the rear.

The next step is installing the replacement part. This involves sliding the new transmission carefully back into the transmission, making sure everything is aligned, and then bolting it in. Once all the bolts are tightened and it’s all securely in place, the drive shaft replacement is over – we just have to put the car back together.

One of the final steps then is putting the exhaust system back in. When your car is all back together, and fitted with its new driveshaft, it’s time to take it for a test run. Then once we’re happy, it’s back to you!

So in a nutshell, that’s how a drive shaft replacement happens on a car. At LG Engineering we can also do drive shaft replacement on trucks, mining trucks and equipment, marine vehicles, industrial equipment, performance vehicles and four wheel drives. Contact us today!

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