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If the tailshaft on your vehicle is out of balance, you may have a variety of problems that need to be checked into. It is possible that your vehicle could have failed universal joints. There are other issues that can come from or be the result of a failing tailshaft. Whether your vehicle is beyond repair or just needs a few corrections, LG Engineering can help.

When you need mechanical work done on your fleet or personal vehicles you will want mechanics with years of experience. An experienced mechanic will make sure that your vehicle is returned to you in a more reliable and efficient condition, and LG Engineering’s experts are tailshafts specialists. If you have a specialty vehicle for marine, mining, heavy industrial or high performance, they can repair or rebuild the tailshaft.

A complete range of services are available and most tailshaft repairs, modifications or manufacturing can be accomplished on site. For heavy equipment or specially modified vehicles our mechanics can rebuild entire systems from scratch. Some of their other services include:

With priority service available to get you back on the road, fast.

Our experts prefer to use the highest-quality Dana parts in our rebuilds and repairs. Most of the parts needed to repair your vehicle can be found on site, with any additional parts easily available to us. Because of this, we can get your vehicle back to you in the shortest possible time.  If you have a tailshaft that needs to be repaired but you cannot make it to the on site location, you can have your damaged parts shipped to the shop. Once the tailshaft has been repaired, it will be shipped back to you, ready to be installed.

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