Universal Joints

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The Universal Joint is one of the most important parts of a driveline. However, it is also one of the most susceptible to wear which can irreversibly damage the rest of the drivetrain. But what exactly is a Universal Joint, and why do they wear so quickly?

A Universal joint is commonly used in a situation where rotary motion needs to be transmitted. The joint allows two connecting rods to bend in any way by having a pair of hinges each located at 90° intervals. This means that the rods can stay relatively still (except for rotating) despite the rotation being transmitted through a ‘bend’ in the drivetrain.

Relying on a Universal Joint to allow this transmission of power places a great amount of pressure and wear on the joint. This is especially true where, despite the drive shaft turning at a constant speed, the output rod does not. Differing rod speeds are an unavoidable problem of a drivetrain, but when coupled with the fact that this joint is constantly rotating and adjusting to allow the two rods to continue to rotate, it can mean some serious wear.

This wear will begin to become obvious through vibrations coming from the drivetrain, clunking sounds when changing gears, and a decrease in performance. If left alone, this wear can cause some serious (and expensive) damage to the rest of the drivetrain. Fixing the problem early can be relatively inexpensive and easy, and Drive Shafts Perth can sort it out for you fast.

If you are starting to notice some problems such as those described, contact us today and find out how we can help. If your problems are slightly more serious and the worn Universal Joint has caused more severe damage, Drive Shafts Perth can balance, repair or rebuild your drivetrain to ensure you can get back to the job at hand.

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