With the wide range of vehicles and applications requiring the modern driveshaft, finding one off the rack that will suit can be difficult. Many applications require custom drive shafts, which must still meet the quality standards of those produced on a larger scale.

Custom Drive Shafts

Why use Custom Drive Shafts?

Custom drive shafts can be required in a range of applications or vehicles, including industrial, mining and marine. These applications may require the lengthening or shortening of existing parts, or the fabrication of a whole new product.

For this reason, Driveshafts Perth offers custom drive shafts for many different types of applications, including mining, industrial, trucks, 4wd, performance cars and marine. For many, their livelihood depends on having a working driveline to power a vehicle or machinery. Driveshafts Perth prides itself on high quality work, using high quality parts and components.

Additionally, if you require custom parts or servicing/repairs, you can ship your part to us for us to repair. We will then ship it back to you, ready for installation. Contact us today!