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The power take-off shaft or PTO shaft, is used to transmit power, most commonly from a tractor, to an implement. With PTO shafts, two speeds are traditionally used; 540 rpm and 1000 rpm.

Most often, on a tractor or truck there is a splined driveshaft that is designed so that the PTO shaft can be easily connected and disconnected. However, there are some industrial and marine engines that have semi-permanently mounted PTO shafts.

PTO Shaft Dangers

Depending on the location of the PTO shaft and the machine it is mounted on, PTO shafts can present dangers to those who operating the machinery. PTO entanglements occur most often on farming equipment. Any machine that has an unshielded PTO shaft should be considered dangerous.

Truck PTOs

Truck transmissions may have more than one position in which a PTO can be mounted. Finding an expert PTO supplier and professionals that know how to mount them is critical for correct installation. In many of these cases users will need to engage or disengage the physical interface of the transmission with the proper PTO. A professional PTO supplier will understand how to collect the required details for any setup that will include information about the make, model, and the mounting requirements.

Safety tips and PTO shafts

  • Always make sure the PTO shaft is shielded.
  • Maintain the shield so that it can continue to work properly.
  • Keep a safe working distance from the PTO shaft when in use.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • When in doubt, stop the machinery.
  • When stopping the machinery for whatever reason, remove the PTO from the gear, turn off the engine, and set a brake.
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