Universal JointsUniversal joints are an essential part of the drivetrain in any vehicle. The universal joint allows for the transfer of rotary motion through a ‘bend’ in the drivetrain. However, because of the pressure and constant wear, universal joints are prone to breakage; especially where not properly maintained.



Whilst most factory installed universal joints are sealed and do not require re-lubrication, an after-market replacement universal joint often does. To ensure the long life of these joints (and to avoid damage to the rest of the driveline), these joints must be greased periodically.


Problem Diagnosis

The most common indication of a problem with the universal joint is vibrations while the car is in motion. Additional indications can include a clunking noise when taking off, or a squeaking noise coming from the vehicle.

If any of these appear to be occurring, it is recommended that you bring your vehicle or problem part to us immediately. Any delay can cause expensive damage to the rest of your driveline that may take much longer to repair. For more information on universal joints, see our universal joint blog article.

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