3 Important Tips for Looking After Your Driveshaft

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3 Important TipsA broken, malfunctioning or poorly maintained driveshaft can be an expensive headache for truck drivers. But many only realise that as they open their wallets to repair it.

How about taking a few simple measures to look after your driveshaft, helping it to maintain performance and preventing future problems?


1. Perform a Regular Visual Inspection

Many vehicle owners fail to do the simplest form of maintenance: a simple visual inspection of your driveshaft can tell you if problems are around the corner. If one part becomes damaged or worn it can create problems for other parts. Check whether everything moves smoothly and if there are any signs of metal wear, which should be quite obvious.


2. Clean and Lubricate It

Always keep your driveshaft free of dirt and grime and ensure it is well-lubricated. As with all moving parts, this will extend its life. This should be done as frequently as you change the oil in your vehicle – and make sure you use the recommended high temperature grease on all the critical parts.  Avoid use of high-pressure cleaners as this can force dirt into sealed parts.


3. Use a Specialised Service Centre for Re-Balancing

A driveshaft that is not balanced properly will cause growing problems. When you inspect your vehicle, if you notice a gouge, dent, or hole in the round tube part it is a problem; likewise if you feel a vibration when you drive your vehicle it is a sign of imbalance. This will need to be corrected professionally at a reputable and specialised driveshaft balancing service centre, before it creates any bigger problems for your axle or transmission system.


LG Engineering services driveshafts for vehicles all over WA. Our specialty is large industrial vehicles and mining equipment and, when replacing parts, we use only the best manufacturers like Dana Spicer.

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