A state-of-the-art Driveshaft repair by Spicer Parts

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Here at Driveshafts Perth, we are proud to use Dana Spicer parts – a highly regarded manufacturer in the industry, producing high quality and standardised products. Today we share with you a video tutorial showing a driveshaft repair by the book, operated by Dana Spicer’s technicians.

Here is how it should be done:

Long story short, there are five steps a professional should follow if they are replacing a driveshaft:

  1. Support the car or vehicle on ramps for easy access to the bottom of the car, and make sure the car is in neutral.
  2. Mark the end of the drive shaft at the yoke so that the new drive shaft goes in in the same position as the old one when it came out.
  3. Remove all four bolts from the rear yoke.
  4. Disconnect carefully the driveshaft from the transmission.
  5. Install the new drive shaft by following the above steps in reverse order.


Author: Drive Shafts Perth