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MiningWe’re pleased to hear that Belarusian manufacturing giant BelAZ has teamed with Australasian Pacific Machinery, and will soon be exporting its first monster mining trucks down under. After all, if one in three of all mining trucks around the world are BelAZ ones, the only question is: why did it take so long?

The larger 360 tonne vehicle benefits from a 20V 4000 series engine churning out 2800 kW of power. Its 240 tonne “baby brother” is not that far behind with a 16V 4000 powerhouse providing 1864kW of output. According to BelAZ General Director Petr Parkhomchyk, all trucks will be built to Australian mining standards, being based on Rio Tinto specifications to make doubly sure.

This will facilitate processing any Australian order within five months, including delivery and commissioning on site. Hunter Valley-based Sharps Heavy Equipment will be responsible for post-delivery service and guarantee repairs. Beyond that point Driveshafts Perth are confident of our ability to meet OE standards with genuine Dana Spicer parts.

It is a bold move to introduce articulated frame trucks into the Australian market when Chinese economic developments have pushed down demand for Australian minerals. That said, it’s a good example of the positive signs Australia needs to kick-start its own economy.

BelAZ (Belarusian Autoworks) is a powerful player in international heavy duty mining and other truck sales. Other products in its catalogue include construction and road building equipment, underground vehicles, railway freight cars and special purpose vehicles for metallurgical works.

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