Driveshaft Balancing

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Are you in need of a driveshaft balancing?

A good indication of this can be noise coming from your vehicle during operation.

If you can feel or hear a vibration that is out of the ordinary, it might be time to get have some driveshaft balancing done.

If your part is unbalanced by even one quarter of a thousandth of an inch it can greatly affect the performance and lifespan of your parts and vehicle. But what causes this problem?

This can arise when Universal Joints wear out and become dry and unlubricated. One of the results of this is that the part can become damaged or unbalanced. Additionally, an improperly installed Universal Joint can greatly affect the balance of the driveline.

If your vehicle is in need of a driveshaft balancing, delaying repairs can lead to serious damage to the differential pinion bearings and transmission. A damaged part can be re-balanced, however failing this; it may have to be replaced. This is a costly exercise, which is why LG Engineering have specialised driveshaft balancing machinery to re-balance your damaged parts.

With proper care, you will hopefully never require a replacement part. However, if it does become unbalanced and requires driveshaft balancing, Contact Us to find out how we can get you back on the road (or in the water) as soon as possible.


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